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Best Bamboo Baby Pajamas in 2022

Being a mom in 2022 is a challenge and somewhat of a hardship. So many options, so many remedies, so many life-altering events in the middle of parenting! As moms, we have to make so many choices with our little ones, from what to feed them to the correct play dates but most of all what we want our babies to feel: comfortable and safe.  The softest, the best bamboo baby pajamas in 2022 have got to be Bellabubear: the sleepwear that rivals the rest!

 Softest baby pajamas

Babies’ sleepwear needs to be more than adaptable; little ones wriggle a lot so the material needs to be soft but also adaptable. Bellabubear Bamboo pajamas for babies are soft and versatile. They are designed just right and this makes nighttime changes a breeze. The owner of the company needed a solution to her baby’s woes, something ultra-soft and something that wouldn’t irritate her baby’s skin. Her baby was diagnosed with Eczema and from then on, the search began to find the perfect set of pajamas her little one could wear, but as hard as she tried there was nothing on the market soft enough to use. This is how Bellbubear was birthed- bamboo baby pajamas that do not harm.

 Bamboo is the best fabric for babies!

Bellabubear is unique in that all pajamas and clothes are made out of bamboo, which doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin at all. Conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea are uncomfortable for your baby and they need fabric that will be soft enough but not something too constricting as babies with these conditions tend to itch a lot or just cry! Bamboo makes sure these little ones are too comfortable in their skin.  Another huge factor that makes Bellabubear the best bamboo baby pajamas is that the owner has out of her own baby’s conditions designed each piece. The design and functionality of these pajamas go hand in hand.


Bellabubear bamboo baby pajamas are quality.

Being a mom means trial and error and trying out a lot of babywear, and babies’ sleepwear is no different. Quality baby sleepwear is hard to come by, the best bamboo baby pajamas are by far Bellabubear. Their quality is unmatched and this is because the founder made sure of it. When she knew bamboo would be ideal, she got to work on individual designs which are top quality. The yarn used comes from organically grown bamboo without the use of any pesticides. All zippers come from YKK, a leading safe brand that ensures no zippers peel off, which as we see in our statistics is the number one reason for babies choking. The two-way zippers are also chemical-free which is a bonus. Another unique feature is the printing method, one that does not affect the garment’s softness, so no scratchy bits stick out a printing disaster! The fabric is certified by Oeko-Tex which ensures these bamboo baby pajamas are the safest for your baby to sleep in. We know this gives moms the peace of mind they need!

Benefits of Bellabubear bamboo baby pajamas

If you haven’t already seen their website, their variety is incredible. All sizes for all ages of a baby’s growth are available, and that means soft comfy care for any age.  The variety offers many individual benefits for your little one. These bamboo baby pajamas are for little ones that have sensitive skin conditions or just normally want the very best for your baby too. 

With a variety of styles, their signature, “all in onesie” has convertible feet that make the prolonged use of the garment easier and that all-important transition from day to night or feet in or out way easier! A baby having slip-resistant feet is extremely important, especially when taking their first steps or learning to walk outside or even just walking around with mom- Bellabubear has catered to this perfectly as their footsies are all slip-resistant and come in an array of sizes for all ages.

They offer a range suited to newborns through to 9 months too, which is an all-important age when babies scratch their sensitive skin, this is prevented with their convertible handcuffs. What a joy and useful too.  Their bamboo sleeper has a two-way zipper to make sure during nighttime changes your baby’s chest or back is never exposed to the cold plus there’s never an uncomfy spot for the baby because the zipper curves to the back of the leg. Impressive.


When choosing a brand for your baby’s sleepwear, Bellabubear is the ultimate in comfort, safety, and luxury for your little one.

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