Gear up for mischievous adventures with our Despicable Me 4 Bamboo Pajamas Collection COMING JULY 3 @ 8 AM PST! Dive into the whimsical world of the Minions with our cozy and colorful pajama sets. Crafted from premium bamboo fabric, these pajamas offer unparalleled comfort for your little ones as they embark on playful escapades. Let their imaginations run wild as they join Gru, Lucy, and the lovable Minions on epic journeys, all while staying snug and stylish in our delightful pajama designs. Embrace the fun and excitement of the Despicable Me universe with our irresistibly cute pajama collection!

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In a secret corner of the AVL headquarters, where gadgets buzz & Minions scurry about in their signature mischief, something truly adorable was brewing. With Gru's latest assignment on hold, the minions found themselves in charge of AVL's latest innovation: AVL Minions Bamboo Pajamas!
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Gru-vy times ahead

Picture pajamas softer than a marshmallow cloud, made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers. Each set adorned with tiny, popping bubblegum that fizzled & giggled with every move. Gumdrops add a splash of color, making bedtime an adventure in sweetness!
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Under the soft glow of AVL's moonlit windows, minions and agents alike snuggled into their Bello Banana Minions Bamboo Pajamas, ready to dream of banana-shaped moons & endless possibilities awaiting the next day's mischief!

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